Achieve Your Fortnite Victory: Strategies for Beginners and Pros

Here are victory strategies for beginners and pros when you play Fortnite.

Fortnite is a fun battle royale game, a survival quest. Sure, it would be enjoyable not to take the game seriously and just play for the sake of playing, however, nothing beats the thrill of playing with the desire to truly conquer; to be a Fortnite pro player. Fortnite hacks can certainly help you with that. This article will serve as your guide to some of the best tips and tricks to survive in your Fornite battles.



First, it is important to keep the sound at the least possible because if a nearby gamer discovers that you have headphones with low-quality, they might gain an advantage despite your level or the strength of your game character. This implies that when choosing an action for your character, opt to walk or crouch rather than run because running is noisier. Assure that the surroundings are secure when rummaging through resources or building using a pickax. Always be reminded that it is audible to other gamers when you are swapping arms or weaponry.


Second, in connection with the first one, purchase high, if not, good quality headphones. Having a good pair gives you an advantage against your opponents. It helps you be vigilant on your opponent’s moves and if they are switching weapons. Wearing decent headphones is helpful even if you may be deficient in loot. So the technique here is, make yourself unheard, and make sure to hear your enemies.


Third, be conscious and vigilant. If you are the nervous, apprehensive type, then this game is not for you. You cannot be relaxed and unfocused. You must always anticipate that the enemies are just lurking and waiting to devour. Once you catch a somewhat indistinct sound, be on the lookout. There is no room for complacency or idleness. Do not let your guard down, or else you will be shot and there’s no going further. 


Fourth, Fortnite is not just about being a good shooter, but it is about keeping yourself secure while defeating your opponents. Always bear in mind that your mindset might be the same for other players. They want to hide, secure themselves, and wait to attack as much as you do. What you assume as a safe place might not be that safe because other players might be making their way there, too. Remember that since the Fortnite map is limited, other players will know if you are having a gunfight and they will find their way there. To secure your flanks, erect walls around you, and make sure that you target only those gamers who present as a menace. 


Fifth, acquire as many shield potions as you can and as instant as possible, especially when you arrive at a place where there are a lot of other gamers. But when you are on your own, you can obtain those small shield potions before the regular ones so that you can acquire 200 health points. When you do this, you will be given a significant advantage and doubles your max health. However, always be wary that shield potions cannot protect you from everything, although half of it may survive for the whole battle; it cannot protect you from falling. You may obtain the regular shield potion, small shield potion, and slurp juice. Opting for the regular one can provide a bonus of 50 to 100 shield points; the small one 25-50; and the slurp juice gives a 25 shield bonus and 25 health points.


Sixth, be alert when it comes to the circle, which is getting smaller and smaller and is eternally ready to gobble up players. When strategizing, you should always consider that circle, and stay away from it as much as possible. 


Seventh, attack only when you are sure you are at an advantage. Like what is stated in the earlier parts of this article, it is more important to survive in Fortnite than to kill your enemies. You may have shot others dead several times, but that does not guarantee that you will not lose. What is necessary is that you make it for the whole duration. Do not engage if the chance of success is risky. It all boils down to the right strategy. If you strategize well, then you will be rewarded, like if you successfully hit an enemy, you will gain their loot and boost your arsenal. Always be wise in your moves.     


Eighth, when you shoot someone dead, do not succumb to the urge to immediately loot their bodies. Again, gunshots lure other players to the area, which makes you vulnerable to attack and a headshot.


Ninth, do not assume that your cover is impenetrable. Prepare for contingency plans. Do not be too confident, always anticipate that danger will find you anytime and plan for escape routes. Should you locate a rocket launcher or a bomb, they will help destroy your enemies’ citadels and hideaways. If you happen to catch hints of movements or sounds, expel them.


 Lastly, be wise in choosing your materials. New players often opt for metal, thinking that is durable. But the best material to stock is wood. While it is true that metal and stone are durable, but if we consider which material does not take up a lot of time to build and spawns with 100-200 HP, then wood is the best choice. When you need to urgently build something to protect you from shots or the like, wood is a great option. However, when building hideouts, brick, stone, or metal would be preferable. Bottom line? Know when to use your materials, and which ones to use depending on the situation.


Now talking about weapons, before we end, Fortnite weapons can be found both in urbanized areas and in smaller areas. The most ideal weapons to go for are that long-range weaponry such as scoped assault rifles or snipers. But do not discount those short-range ones, they might be useful to shield you in basic circumstances. 


Let me give this tip to beginners, be familiar with the Fortnite map, or else, you might be lost. This map alters all the time, sometimes particular spots are eliminated, and others are restored. Being familiar with the map allows you to select where you land. It would be a great achievement to land somewhere and launch yourself without getting attacked right then and there. Make sure you locate yourself something central so that your safe hideaways will be accessible especially at the end of the battle.