New Stream Platform Dailymotion Games

Freaks 4U Gaming, a globally operating Marketing and PR agency in the gaming industry, is supporting the French video streaming platform Dailymotion since beginning of 2015 with the establishment of their latest project – Dailymotion Games. That new portal has just been started in last January and is especially dedicated to eSports and gaming with a brand new interface for livestreams. This cooperation means to raise the reach of the platform in European and North-American gaming communities via activities of Community Management and eSports Communication. Long-term goal for Dailymotion Games is to become a strong brand in the video game streaming market and a viable alternative to Twitch.TV. As sole vendor in the market Dailymotion is offering monetization not only for the content creators, but also for platforms that help spreading the content via embedded video streams.

“We are excited to welcome Dailymotion as customer again,” says Michael Haenisch, CEO, Freaks 4U Gaming. “Next to traditional communication strategies to raising brand awareness, we impart information about the unique publisher program and also support community pages, eSports teams as well as streamers with help and advice.”

“Freaks 4U Gaming has already positioned our brand geared to our target group in the past,” resumes Oleg Kogut, Head of Live & Gaming, Dailymotion. “They are experts in their field of action and have a profound knowledge about how to reach out to our target group authentically. With this cooperation we hope to gain a continuously growing market share in the video streaming segment.”