Gamer Gets Electric Shock During Lightning Storm While Holding Controller

Good thing he did not sustain any injury.

DualSense Controller

A gamer was recently slightly electrocuted during a lightning storm while playing a game and holding the controller.

US local media outlet WKRN reported that the incident happened last Saturday, July 31, 2021 in Robertson County, Tennessee according to media outlet Game Rant. He was playing a game during a lightning storm when suddenly he felt a jolt from his hands when a lightning strike hit nearby his house.

Thankfully the man was not that seriously injured and managed to call the emergency hotline for help. When help came and assessed his situation, it was revealed that he did not appear to be injured and did not need to be transported to the hospital. The guys from the medical services estimated that either his house was struck or it was nearby and the electricity ran through the wires onto the controller.

From what we can learn from this, it would be better not to play and hold something that could conduct electricity like a controller during a lightning storm, get a lightning surge outlet, or purchase a UPS that could handle that much of a jolt of electricity.