New Sony Patent for Controller Reveals One-Of-A-Kind Gimmick

Feel the heat or the cold in-game!

A new Sony Patent for a new controller has been spotted online and it offers a theoretically intriguing gimmick in gameplay.

First found by Exputer, it was revealed that the patent was simply called ‘Controller’. It says that this is partly made of a softer material instead of the usual hard plastic. This could be elastically deformable like a silicone gel-based material. This would also be connected to a circuit that processes the information.

Again, based on the patent, Sony says that by making part of the controller out of this elastic material instead of hard plastic, it could offer a different kind of haptic experience, one that could make players experience another type of feeling: temperature.

controller temperature elastic material

It would need a “temperature controller apparatus such as a Peltier element capable of electrically changing temperature may be provided on the front surface of, or inside the elastic member.” If this actually happens, when players touch a hot or cold surface, the controller would then receive an electrical signal and then it will adjust the temperature of that elastic material.

This would take gaming immersion to the next level, but this could also have implications unless these temperature changes are not that drastic.

Do note that these patent applications are not sure confirmations that Sony is truly working on these unique projects to date. It could happen, but they would need more testing first.

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