Xbox Series X Controller Still Uses AA Batteries, Microsoft Reveals Reason

The Xbox Series X console looks to be promising, but Microsoft has again done something to the controller that might get some pretty interesting reactions.

Xbox Series X controller is still powered the same

The next generation controller will be powered by AA batteries again, rather than rechargeable batteries that can be re-powered via a USB cable like the DualShock 4. This was decided by Microsoft, but the gaming community is kind of baffled of this decision. In the recent generation controller, the Elite Controller 2 had a rechargeable battery added, so this confused some gamers why opt for AA batteries again.

The guys from Microsoft actually discussed this during development and they were pretty much debating heavily on what to do with this. The design team finally decided to have this current design due to flexibility reasons.

Xbox partner director of program management Jason Ronald told Digital Foundry of this reason and they also knew that many would have liked the idea of rechargeable battery packs. They wanted the game console owners to have the option to go for AA batteries or the rechargeable battery pack, but that will be a separate item instead.

The next generation console will launch sometime at the holidays 2020.

Thanks, VG247. Source: Eurogamer

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