Gamerzeino – Our first Digital Magazine alongside with IND13

It’s been a year since Sirus Gaming came into place. There were a lot of struggles here and there but we still tried our best to give out the content that all of you readers/visitors want. Gaming is our passion and that’s all what the editorial staff in Sirus have, and let’s not forget our contributors as well. This is what we also have in common with our partners from the UK — IND13.

Let’s go down back to memory-lane. Sirus Gaming started with only a few people in 2015. We tried to reach out publishers and developers, and fortunately they replied. Then we started rolling out reviews and some original pieces. Being a newcomer in this beloved gaming community as media or “journalists” is really a big challenge. We sometimes get this “writer’s block” wherein some of us just doesn’t know what to write about, but that’s something we try to improve.

Now, we stumble upon these wonderful people from IND13. They were very responsive and welcoming, as months went by we decided to be partners. Sharing our articles to them and vice-versa. IND13 is a UK-based indie games website where they all support independent game developers and how indie games can go head-to-head with big games (AAA). And what’s awesome about IND13 as well is that they have a quarterly-based magazine.

Gamerzeino Pages

A year has passed and the people from IND13 decided to have all of our content be merged in one magazine, and that’s where GAMERZEINO was born. And to all who are interested to read, it’s totally free. Yes, you can freely download every issue. The content will have interviews, previews, reviews, and some original articles selected by the editor-in-chief and the people from IND13.

As a start of our first issue, we have the most successful release of RATCHET & CLANK as the magazine’s cover. If you’re interested to read on, please do download the magazine here:

Our first issue features:

  • Interview with Robbie Patterson about The Pathological Classic HD
  • ESL to say no to Team YP
  • Reviews: Ratchet & Clank, Stories: The Path of Destinies, and KHOLAT
  • …and more.

Please do give us some feedback/suggestion at editorial[at] for us to know what we need to improve and to add in our magazine. We all listen to our followers and that’s something we tend to keep, the communication.

Go ahead and download our first magazine!

Founder, Chief Editor