GameStop Gets Ordered To Shut Down In Massachusetts By State Officials

GameStop retail store

With the coronavirus pandemic getting bad in the United States, it is important that certain businesses should be closed in order to stop people congregating in one area. Popular game store GameStop Massachusetts got shut down after an issue.

GameStop Massachusetts is now closed

The state officials of Massachusetts has ordered the game store to temporarily shut down all branches across the state in the effort to flatten the curve of coronavirus in the state. The retailer resisted this order and maintains the reason that their businesses are essential like those of grocery stores and pharmacies. They wanted to continue to serve customers by a curbside pickup

City inspectors ordered the closure of a Dorchester location last Tuesday. The problem was this particular store still opened on Wednesday, and this time was issued a nuisance citation. All branches have finally closed all doors on Thursday.

Even today, the retailer still remains adamant that their branches still need to remain open. Their reasoning was that the products and devices that they offer are important to facilitate remote work, distance learning, and virtual connectivity. They even stated:

Employees will wear gloves or even tape plastic bags over their hands, open the front door only slightly while keeping its glass between them and the customer, and handing over whatever they had ordered through the crack.

Thanks VG247. Source: The Boston Globe