Gearbox Software Developing 9 Games Right Now

Gearbox Software is definitely quite busy.

During Embracer Group’s Financial Report, it was revealed that Gearbox Software is currently working on nine different games.

Gearbox Software Working on Almost 10 Games

After getting acquired by the Embracer Group last year, Gearbox Software has released two games that had gained popularity like Tribes of Midgard and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Just recently in a financial report of the parent company, it was revealed that the game studio is now developing these numerous games.

Embracer Group did not elaborate on what the names of these games are, but they did say they are Triple A titles. Gearbox is also growing as a studio in order to meet their ambitious plan. This could mean the studio can start any game at any time if they want to. The parent company clearly wants the studio to grow faster in order to pump out as many results as possible.

Known Games in the Works

gearbox software tales from the borderlands

As to which titles are being developed right now, we can only make speculations, but there is some basis. For example, it is known that Tales From the Borderlands 2 is now in the works and is planned for release later this year. That could be one of the nine titles the studio is working on that Embracer Group mentioned.

Games to be Published

There are three games that Gearbox is publishing though this year and not developing. Homeworld 3 from Blackbird Interactive, Have a Nice Death from Magic Design Studios, and Eyes in the Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom from Under the Stairs. There are two other games that are planned for next year, which are Hyper Light Breaker from Heart Machine, and Relic Hunters Legend from Rogue Snail.

As for the actual games that the Embracer Group mentioned, no one knows since they did not elaborate. Still, Gearbox is definitely busy. We will just have to wait and see what they are going to show us soon.

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