Gears 5 Finally Adds The Carmines In Versus Multiplayer

Gears 5 Carmine

Game developer The Coalition recently announced that the Carmine boys will be added to popular video game Gears 5 today.

Gears 5 adds the Carmines

Three of the loved Carmines: Anthony, Benjamin, and Gary will be available in the video game today from its weekly reset time of 10 AM PT. These guys will be different from the previous character releases and they will start first to be playable in Versus multiplayer. The Coalition also hinted that they have a bigger PvE plan coming soon.

Each of these characters can be earned via gameplay by crafting their Totem, equipping it, and then earning 30,000 XP. Each Carmine guy can be purchased for 500 Iron or just get the bundles for easy addition.

Carmine Bundle – $9.99 USD

  • Anthony Carmine Character
  • Benjamin Carmine Character
  • Gary Carmine Character
  • Poetic Justice Weapon Skin Set
  • Carmine Must Die Bloodspray
  • Save Carmine Bloodspray
  • Carmine Family Banner
  • Carmine Must Die Banner
  • Save Carmine Banner

Deluxe Carmine Bundle – 1800 Iron

  • Academy Anthony Carmine Character Skin
  • Firestarter Benjamin Carmine Character Skin
  • Biker Gary Carmine Character Skin
  • + All of the above Bundle content!

Fans who just want to get the Deluxe Carmine Bundle Character Skins without buying the whole bundle, they can just get each skin from the Store individually, but it will be a few weeks after.

Check out the trailer here:

Source: Official Website

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