Genshin Impact: Complete List of Fishing Equipment

Here's the list of fishing rods and bait.

Genshin Impact version 2.1 has now introduced the Fishing System, which allows players to catch various types of exotic fish in fishing spots scattered all over Teyvat. To catch these fishes though, you will need the proper equipment like the fish rod and bait. Here is a complete list of fishing equipment for Genshin Impact.

How to Get A Fishing Fishing Rod in Genshin Impact

IconRodHow to Get
WindtanglerBuy from the Fishing Association located at Mondstadt.
WishmakerBuy from the Fishing Association located at Liyue.
Narukawa UkaiBuy from the Fishing Association located at Inazuma.
MoonstringerLunar Realm Event prize.
WildernessThe most basic fishing rod. Get it from the Exploding Population quest.

There are certain fishing rods that are best used in specific regions. Windtangler is best suited in Mondstadt fishing spots, Wishmaker is the best for Liyue, and the Narukawa Ukai is best used in Inazuma. It is more likely where it was purchased anyways.

List of Fishing Bait

IconType of BaitFish Types they AttractMaterials Needed
Fruit Paste Bait Aizen Medaka Crystalfish Dawncatcher Glaze Medaka Medaka Sweet-Flower Medaka Wheat: 1 pc.
 Sunsettia: 1 pc.
Redrot Bait Akai Maou Betta Lunged Stickleback Snowstrider Venomspine Fish Fowl: 1 pc.
 Dendrobium: 1 pc.
False Worm Bait Abiding Angelfish Brown Shirakodai Purple Shirakodai Raimei Angelfish Tea-Colored Shirakodai Berry: 1 pc.
 Slime Condensate: 1 pc.
Fake Fly Bait Bitter Pufferfish Golden Koi Pufferfish Rusty Koi Horsetail: 1 pc.
 Sakura Bloom 1 pc.

Remember, having a set of materials for a type of fish bait will equal to 10 pieces of that fish bait.

On how to use the fish rod and bait, check it out here. For the whole list of guides on Genshin Impact Fishing System, check it here.