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Time to play hide-and-seek once more.

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The Windtrace Event in Genshin Impact will have a rerun starting on January 13-27, 2022. In this event, players engage in a game of hide-and-seek with other players, with the hiding players having the skill to morph into an object while the hunters have skills to aid in the searching.

Windtrace Event Schedule

The Windtrace Event starts on January 13, 2022 10:00 A.M. and will end on January 27, 2022 03:59 A.M. Local Server Time.

How to Unlock Windtrace Event

To unlock the Windtrace event players must be at least at Adventure Rank 20 to participate in the event.

For Contested Zones (maps), make sure to unlock the Statues of the Seven for the corresponding areas to be able to play in them. To unlock the Contested Zone in Inazuma, you will need to complete the Quest “Ritou Escape Plan” first.

How to Start Windtrace Event

To start the Windtrace Event, first find the NPC named Gygax in Mondstadt. Talk to him to start matching for the Windtrace event. The game can be played through a custom co-op party, but players can only get Windtrace Coins if they play through random matchmaking.

Upon accepting the matchmaking, you will then be tagged either as the Hunter or one of the three Rebels. A random map will also be chosen as the playing ground for the match.

Windtrace Event Maps Locations - Genshin Impact

Windtrace Event Location Maps – Contested Zones

When you participate in Windtrace, a Contested Zone will be selected at random from among the areas that have already been unlocked as a result of your participation. These will be new maps and disguises created specifically for this event, also known as hiding spots:

  • Central Hall Shadow-Chasers
  • Amidst Autumn Trees
  • The Hidden Trials
  • Ritou Runaround
  • Terrace Patrol
  • Searching the Silent Woods
  • In a City of Yore Concealed
  • Winery Clash
*This artice will be updated with the exact hiding spots on each map once the event goes live so stay tuned!

Windtrace Gameplay Mechanics

Once the match starts, the rebels will have a 36-second preparation phase to look for a hiding spot. After this phase, the hunter can start moving and has 3 minutes and 30 seconds to find the rebels.

The game ends if the timer runs out and there’s at least 1 rebel surviving (rebels win), or if the hunter manages to find all hiding rebels within the time limit (hunter wins).


As a hunter, your task is to find and capture the rebels that are hiding in the map. Your normal attack, elemental skill, and elemental burst will be replaced with Windward arts to help you locate the rebels.

Hunter Skills

  • Normal attack slot
    • Mysterious Hunch – Briefly show the direction in which all the Rebels can be found.
    • Sensor Aura – Scout a fixed area around yourself. You will be notified if a Rebel is in the area.
  • Elemental skill slot
    • Capture! – Dispel the disguise of a nearby Rebel and capture them. This skill has three charges that refill after a short while.
  • Elemental burst slot
    • Hunter’s Intuition – Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and marks their location on the minimap for a long period of time. If the target is nearby, their location will be marked by a pillar of light. The target cannot Disguise themselves for the duration of this effect. The Rebels will be warned of this action.
    • Insight – Dispels the disguises of all Rebels and briefly marks their location on the minimap while showing the position of nearby Rebels on the scene with a pillar of light. During this time, the Rebels will be unable to disguise themselves. The Rebels will be warned of this action.
    • Imprisoning Curse – Randomly dispels the disguise of one Rebel and restrains them for a time. During this time, the target will be unable to leave the restraining area. The Rebels will be warned of this action.

Hunter Tips and Tricks

  • During the Windtrace event, you are free to choose a character to be as. Tall characters like Zhongli, Kaeya, and Childe are best pick because of their long strides, and therefore they have faster running speeds as compared to the rest.
  • Go for Mysterious Hunch for the first skill since it will give a better idea of where a rebel may be, regardless of your distance to them.
  • Go for Insight as the third skill since this affects every rebel in the field.
  • Keep an eye out for Favors or the glowing balls that might show up. Picking them up will allow the use of your third skill.


The rebel’s task is to hide from the hunter. In a match, there’s a single hunter and three rebels. Your attacks will also be replaced by Windward arts that will help you hide and flee from the hunter.

Rebel Skills

  • Normal attack slot
    • Transparency – Enter hidden mode temporarily. During this time, you cannot be seen by the Hunter. Entering this mode will dispel your current disguise. The Hunter’s Windward Arts “Capture!,” “Mysterious Hunch,” and “Sensor Aura” will all still take effect against a hidden Rebel.
    • Lay Bait – Place a suitable piece of Bait in the area ahead to confuse the Hunter. If the Hunter attempts to capture the bait, heir vision will be obscured for a short time. If you are in a disguise, the Bait will take on the same guise as you.
  • Elemental skill slot
    • Disguise – Use to randomly disguise as one of the specialized objects in the area.
  • Elemental burst slot
    • Starstep – Movement SPD is greatly increased for the next 30s.

Rebel Tips and Tricks

  • Do not bunch up with your fellow rebels in one spot.
  • Using short characters like Klee, Qiqi, Diona, and Sayu can make it hard to be spotted by the hunter, especially if there are tall objects or tall grass.

Windtrace Event Rewards

Participating in the Windtrace will allow you to get Windtrace Coins which you can accumulate to unlock all sorts of prizes such as primogems, Mora, skill enhancement items, etc.

There’s a limit of 1,200 Windtrace coins that you can get on the first day of the event, and this limit will increase for each of the 6 days after that, up to a maximum of 6,000 coins.

There are also Windtrace Challenges that you can accomplish which will also reward additional Mora.

Windtrace Evenr Restrictions – Ayaka and Mona

Though it was allowed in the previous Windtrace event, characters with special sprints that allow them to become partially invisible such as Ayaka and Mona will have their sprint animations temporarily switched to regular ones while participating in the Windtrace.

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