Towns Are Present in Ghost of Tsushima; Side Stories Reward Players With Tighter Bonds

Ghost of Tsushima Jin

During the State of Play video of upcoming video game Ghost of Tsushima, several locations were shown, but mostly it was the enemy Mongol camp and how Jin attacks it. Other locations included secluded areas, shrines, bamboo forests, and plains. There were no signs of towns with many people present in it, but Sucker Punch has confirmed recently that there are places like that.

Sucker Punch Game Director Nate Fox recently answered an inquiry by a fan on Twitter about the presence of villages and towns to visit. He explained the Jin’s travels will let him encounter several towns with full of NPC vendors to trade with. This means this is where he will be doing his shopping for equipment, customization, and possibly weapon repairs and other things to do in town.

The presence of towns also confirms that there will be tons of opportunity to find side stories to delve into. Jin’s transformation from Samurai into the Ghost is the main story of the game, but he can also check out side stories along the way. He will meet several characters that could help him in his mission to defeat the Mongol invaders. If he chooses to complete these missions, his bonds with the NPC characters will deepen and will fight with him in defending and saving their home, the island of Tsushima.

These side stories will also give Jin the best rewards in the game, so it is advised to at least try out these.

Speaking of towns, just like how reality is affected by the day and night cycle, it will happen in the game as well. These dynamic weather conditions will affect specific regions to give more flavor and personality to them, while others will be tied to story moments. Just like in the State of Play footage, enemy camps are affected by the day and night cycle.

Players can choose the time to destroy the enemy camp and gain all of the advantages.

Ghost of Tsushima will launch this coming July 19 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Blog