Ghostrunner Gets New Modes and Hints on More Details on Upcoming Sequel

Game publisher 505 Games and developer One More level has recently announced that they will unveil multiple announcements for video game Ghostrunner and its sequel.


Ahead of the upcoming Epic Livestream later today, the two game companies announced some new information about the original and upcoming sequel. The upcoming livestream will feature a deeper dive into Wave Mode and Assist mode, offer details on how to get early access to the new modes in a new private beta, and a reveal on the first details of Ghostrunner 2.

  • Overcome Wave Mode’s increasingly difficult rounds of randomized enemies. Roguelike elements make entering the Cybervoid a whole new Ghostrunner experience
  • Earn powerful upgrades with different tiers of rarity for a fighting chance. Survive 20 rounds to earn a special sword, exclusive to Wave Mode
  • The upcoming Assist Mode makes Ghostrunner a more accessible, story-focused experience, giving more chance to witness the game’s events and prepare for Ghostrunner 2
  • Wave Mode and Assist Mode will launch in late summer
  • Register for the closed beta to enter for a chance to play Wave Mode ahead of launch

Ghostrunner is now available on Epic Games Store for only $14.99 discounted at 50 percent already starting today until June 17. Apply the $10 EGS voucher in order to get the game for only $4.99. It is also available on PC via Steam, GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Press Release