Ghostwire Tokyo Might Just Be Turning to the Green Side Soon

The grass on the other side of the fence might be better than its current state.

Ghostwire Tokyo might just be getting a new platform this year if the rumors are to be believed.

The game might have been released a year ago, but it seems there are now rumors claiming Ghostwire Tokyo will be jumping to another platform this year. A new rumor suggests that the game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass later in a few months.

The game will finally land on Xbox Game Pass later on March 2023, exactly a year after its first release to the public. It will come with extra content that previous platforms did not include.

This change actually has been speculated about many times but no one could produce solid proof that it would happen. It seems this time, someone has found a source that could prove this correctly.

Reddit user Eht_Hctins revealed that the game will be joining Xbox Game Pass in March 2023. This post was also the one to reveal that the jump to Xbox will add new content to the game though it did not specify which content will get added. The user also did not directly say Ghostwire Tokyo but called it in a different phrase but it was understood it was the game they meant.

Getting added to Xbox Game Pass will be a great move for Tango Gameworks to gain more audience for the game as it faded into obscurity after its first release on day one.  No official word yet from the developers to confirm or deny this new rumor.

Ghostwire Tokyo is now available on PC and PS5.