Gilfest Finally Begins! [Fate/Grand Order JP]

In less than a few hours, the highly anticipated Nero Festival will finally begin…. or not!

This year, the almighty King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, takes the stage on the yearly top-end event. Enter “Battle of New York”, or as the players have started to call it: GilFes.

Personally, I am a bit unsurprised with the change of the cover Servant for this year, as I had been harboring thoughts that if Nero would be coming back for the fourth year in a row, it will feel pretty stale; both in the event story and the gacha, which will be predictably full of Neros again. I’d also made assumptions that we’ll finally get the Fate/Extella characters like Saber Venus just to make the Nero theme a little more fresh, but this is a more welcome variation.


GilFes continues the yearly traditions that NeroFes has cultivated, which are the much beloved lottery boxes (Gate of Babylon farming ahoy, gotta get those QP), and the high difficulty challenge quests, which will test every Master’s mettle.

In line of this year’s batch of challenge quests (read suffering), I will be making a guide for each of the quests, and hopefully make everyone else’s suffering a little better in exchange for my own.

More details can be found here:

Good luck and have fun on GilFes, Masters!