God of War Film or TV Series Debunked by Sony Interactive Entertainment

In an interview, a spokesperson from Sony Interactive Entertainment has assured everyone that there is no God of War film or TV series in the works.

An unnamed spokesperson from SIE confirmed with the media outlet NY Times that there is no film or TV series based on the popular franchise. The games will stay on the PlayStation 4 and PS5 consoles only.

Despite how popular the franchise is, there is no plan to expand to a wider media landscape. It will stay on consoles for the time being. If there was a plan to go for a TV show or movie, they will announce it.

The new statement that debunked the rumors of a possible upcoming film or TV series came from the article where the Uncharted movie new image was shared. It featured Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg portraying Nathan Drake and Sully respectively.

God of War stays on consoles.

Source: New York Times