God Of War PS4 Creative Director Tells People To Give The Game A Shot

God of War Kratos contemplating

God of War, the most anticipated game of the month, has already gone gold and a hefty file size of the game is also already revealed. Since its announcement in 2016 at Sony’s E3 press conference, the God of War PS4 looks fairly new especially its combat, camera angle, and mythology. Cory Barlog, the creative director SIE Santa Monica Studio, said at PlayStation Experience 2014 that the next God of War game won’t be a prequel but a reboot. Now, we only have a 15 more days before the game officially launches, we only have a matter of time before the reviews are going to be available on April 12.

The fans of the franchise are skeptical about the changes. Everything has been reworked. You don’t get to see the previous God of War hack n’ slash combat, but more of a third-person action-adventure with a touch of The Last of Us and Bloodborne. Barlog suggested that players should at least give the game a shot before giving out judgments.

“I know there are a lot of people who are out there saying, ‘It’s totally different. They’re changing a lot of things. Hashtag Not My God Of War. Hashtag Cancel My Pre-Order,'” Barlog told Kotaku AU. “But I think a lot of people have to play it.”


Barlog has been open to criticisms about the direction they took with this God of War. He further added that the entire team has put their “heart and soul” to its development; and assures everyone that nothing has changed and that the God of War DNA that everyone knew and loved will still be there.

“We’ve been very restrictive of the information and what we’re showing visually, and part of that is my paranoia. I want people to experience this game as a whole. Everybody who made this game – or a good portion of this team – has been a part of God of War from the very beginning. Nothing has changed cynically or under pressure or just willy-nilly. All of us put a lot of heart and soul into this game, and the DNA of what this franchise is still pumps through the blood of this game.”


God of War will launch on PS4 this April 20.