Fans Disappointed with Latest Super Bowl Advert for God of War Ragnarök

It's not what you think.

The most awaited God of War Ragnarök commercial was finally shown at the Super Bowl LVII today and fans are unhappy with what they saw.

A few days ago, it was teased that Super Bowl LVII was going to show a commercial related to God of War Ragnarök. Many fans were hoping that this was going to announce something quite beneficial for them like new content for the game, a massive DLC expansion that could further expand the story of the game. Some even thought that this was going to be the announcement of the release date for the game’s new game plus. Only a few gamers were skeptical, thinking it was just the same as other gimmicks that Sony did all around the world recently, just an advert for the PS5. Unfortunately, that small percentage was right.

god of war ragnarok

The commercial was not even aired during Super Bowl LVII as it was only shown on PlayStation Canada’s Instagram page. It shows the Super Bowl coming to a halt due to a blizzard that might have been caused by Ragnarök. As a couple of reporters try to explain the weird weather, Kratos and Atreus come to save the day.

Fans of the game expressed their disappointment with the commercial as they had high hopes it was going to be a surprise announcement for a new DLC. It was noted by the developers from Santa Monica Studios that they did not have any plans to create a new DLC as the game is already complete and it was deemed unnecessary to make another story content. In my opinion, it would be better to make a sequel rather than new story content.