God Of War Director Wants To Tell Story Of Kratos, Faye Meeting

God of War game director Cory Barlog said he wants to tell the story of Kratos and Faye meeting sometime.

God of War Barlog wants to tell a story

In a recent interview with PlayStation Access, the game director talked about why players did not get to meet Faye, which he explained that there would not be enough weight behind her story at that moment. He wants to build more stories to the character first before he can reveal that to the players.

The story of Faye and Kratos meeting; there’s less weight when you don’t know anything that’s coming ahead. Meeting her needs to actually feel like something that you already know – the story that we told here – so there’s a greater weight behind who she is. She’s got a mythology that’s built up so that first meeting and the period of time that they [Faye and Kratos] spend together, so much of it is not about fighting or action.

They’re both warriors who have reached a point in their lives where they don’t want to fight anymore because they both see through the reasons why they’ve been fighting. Meeting at that time and at that exact moment when both of them are willing to set their weapons down fundamentally changes both of them.

Barlog revealed that Faye had a lot of power and controlled a lot in the game’s universe. He is not sure when or how they can tell her story, but he is interested in telling it.

The full game is already available on PlayStation 4.

Source: PlayStation Access via PlayStationLifestyle