Godfall Near Instant Loading Time Makes It Easier for Players to Get Back Into Action


Counterplay Games Technical Producer Dick Heyne recently shared details of what to expect with the loading time of upcoming video game Godfall.

Heyne shared on the official PlayStation Blog that the upcoming video game will have near instant loading times on the PlayStation 5. What does that mean for the players? Well, it can be the most relaxing gameplay to experience.

Instead of getting frustrated because the load times being so slow, players will get back to action right away with Godfalls speedy loading time. This is due to the power of the PS5’s SSD. With its power, players can go back to combat right away whenever they get defeated by a difficult opponent or fall into a pit. This allows them to just get up and make a tactical retreat or choose another tactic in order to achieve victory without getting stressed out with slow load times.

Players can travel through different elemental realms right away as they ascend the Skybreaker Monolith. With the PS5, they are assured that they are not stuck waiting around the Sanctum waiting for the resources to load. When a destination is selected from the Holomap, they are instantly transported there within a beat.

Godfall is coming to PlayStation 5 and PC this coming November 12 in the US and select few countries. November 19 will be the global release.

Source: PlayStation Blog