Google Stadia Pro Free Games in February Include Metro Exodus and Gylt

Google Stadia initially got off to a bad start. With so many being unable to work the service due to latency problems as well as others. But despite this, Stadia is still in the ringer to garner more costumers to its platform.

As of now the only way to access the service is through Google Stadia Pro. Which is pretty much the same subscription service as PS Plus for about $10 per month. If you’re subscribed to Google Stadia Pro, you’ll get free games whenever Stadia releases them for their platform. This February, those free games are Metro Exodus and Gylt.

To give you a refresher, despite the subscription service Google Stadia isn’t like Netflix. You do still have to purchase games in order to play them on the platform. But once you are a part of Google Stadia Pro, these games will remain in your library until you unsubscribe.

Within this year of 2020, Google Stadia will allow users who aren’t subscribed to use their platform. This is called Stadia base. Right now the only way for you to use Stadia is if you’re one of the founders or if you’re subscribed to Google Stadia Pro.

Source: IGN

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