Gran Turismo 7 Global Launch Campaign Features GT Café with Asia Celebrities and Motorsport Personalities

Global launch is a go!

The Gran Turismo 7 Global Launch Campaign has recently started in Asia and it features celebrities and Motorsport personalities in the Gran Turismo Café.

As part of the global launch event for GT7, Sony Interactive Entertainment Singapore has partnered with Hong Kong-based superstar actor/singer Aaron Kwok. They focus on his love towards car racing and how the Gran Turismo series has helped him improve his racing skills.

Multiple motorsport and automotive personalities in Southeast Asia have been featured in the Gran Turismo Café video as well. These personalities include Bobby Tonelli and Claire Jedrek both from Singapore, Jazeman Jaafar and IP Chin both from Malaysia, Marlon Stockinger from the Philippines, and Pete Thongchua from Thailand. All of them share their passion towards car culture, car racing, and how they find their line in motorsport.

The Southeast Asia GT Café video was actually filmed in location at a unique Car Vending Machine, Ten Square building. In there, there were 15 real exotic and classic cars that can be found and driven in the Gran Turismo series. To get a feel for the festivities, the lighting features and Digital LED display had the GT7 colors and videos.

Gran Turismo 7 is now available on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Press Release