PlayStation Experience Website Offers Access to Unannounced Gran Turismo 7 PS5 Beta

No word from Sony yet to confirm this.

The PlayStation’s Experience website actually allowing players to try and redeem access to the unannounced PS5 beta of an upcoming game Gran Turismo 7.

Media outlet GTPlanet was the first to spot this odd reveal. It is most likely that the page was not supposed to go public yet. Other outlets have already tried to verify the process, but it turns out that the beta key it was giving out was some kind of placeholder. Media outlet Eurogamer proved this with the same process.

According to those who have tested it out, anyone can try it out too. Just go to the Experience PlayStation website and just choose the Related Campaigns and the Italia Quest. Wait for 10 seconds for the embedded GT7 trailer.

It was announced a few months back by SIE CEO Jim Ryan that Gran Turismo 7 was delayed due to the global pandemic. It will not be released this year and possibly coming out on the next one.

No confirmation yet from Sony Interactive Entertainment as of this time.