Gran Turismo 7 State of Play Focuses on Gameplay Mechanics Old and New

Those are some sleek cars to drive.

The latest State of Play today focused only on upcoming racing game Gran Turismo 7 and it has made racing fans excited with its old and new features being discussed.

About over 30 minutes of gameplay footage was shown in the game recently and it features a lot of game old and new features that GT fans are sure to love.

Music Rally is one of the new game modes this game will offer. It will let you ride a Porsche Carrera Speedster ’56 and race through a circuit with cool music. It is a way for new players to experience the driving simulation gameplay and to set the steering and pedal operation and driving assist presets. Through here, players can make setups easier.

The World Map will be the player’s home base in GT7. They will have to use the provided in-game credits first to buy a used car and go to a Garage to make some changes. Of course, they can also go to the Café right away to check out the objectives they need to complete in order to unlock new cars and stuff.

In the café, players will be able to read Menu Books of activities to complete so they can unlock new cars and other game-progression goodies. One of those menu books asks players to buy certain cars, but in order to gain more credits, players will need to win some races. Go to the courses in the World Circuit, full the placement requirements, and unlock the cars.

After few menu books get completed, players will then unlock the License Center. It tests players in order for them to gain licenses to drive more cars. The requirements are not that demanding this time around for the early ones. As the level goes up though, so does the difficulty.

Lastly, by unlocking a lot of new cars and gaining new skills, the Café menu will notify players of the new Tuning Shop. In here, they will be able to check out parts of all shapes and sizes that can be added to their cars for customization.

This is just the few hours in GT7. Later on, players will explore other game modes and features like the GT Auto where they can dress up cars and perform maintenance, Lively Editor, Scapes, Race photos, and many more.

The latest State of Play also mentioned the new day and night cycle, and weather feature for the game. It uses real-world metrological facts, making the day and night cycle, weather, cloud formation, rain, and more realistic.

Another report states that GT7 will have two display modes with one aiming for 60 fps and the other focusing on Ray Tracing.

Gran Turismo 7 launches on March 4, 2022. It will be available on PS4 and PS5.