Grand Theft Auto 6 May Take Place in Vice City According To Rumor

Rockstar Games, maker of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, is currently working on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. Though according to an inside source with The Know, Grand Theft Auto 6 is also under development, at least to some form.

According to the rumor, Grand Theft Auto 6 is planned to take place in Vice City along with several other locations, as players will also be able to tackle missions somewhere in South America. Now while there’s no word if there’s going to be multiple protagonists to take control of this time, Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to have the first ever female protagonist according to inside source of The Know.

So to recap, Grand Theft Auto 6 might take place in Vice City, but will also have missions in South America as well. If this rumor is true, we will experience the first ever female protagonist from the main storyline’s standpoint, which could be interesting.

Now I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I were you. These are all really just rumors. Nothing’s set in stone yet and it’s not really a guarantee that The Know’s inside source can even be trusted. The Know has done other news where they detailed Dark Souls 3 before release and predicted the month when Tomb Raider was going to release. But this isn’t to say that they’re going to be right about this.


Still, a Grand Theft Auto installment that revisits Vice City? Not to mention a female protagonist for the first time? That does sound interesting. But since, according to rumor, the release will be in 2022, it’s far too early to be excited. Hopefully the rumor has some truth to it because Vice City is just ripe for a revisit for the franchise.

It does make you ask: what could Rockstar be planning for Grand Theft Auto 6? And why Vice City?

Source: The Know