Gray Zone Major Update Out Now on Steam

It's story-driven tactical RTS with stealth and RPG element

Independent game development studio EastWorks releases a major update of Gray Zone on Steam as of July 9th in which Mission 6 is added.

Gray Zone is a story-driven tactical RTS with stealth and RPG elements set in our galaxy hundreds of years from now. The game is currently available in Early Access and costs $14.99.

There will be a 40% discount from July 9th, 2021, 10:00 AM PST – July 16th 2021 10:00 AM PST.

Embark on the great adventure of Valern, a slave in the hands of a corrupt government, and explore colonized planets as you command your heroes to complete story objectives.

Gray Zone features 2D Artwork and comics that chronicle the story’s progress between missions. The game also contains its own electro-orchestral soundtrack.

As the development of Gray Zone progresses, mission 7 and Skirmish will be integrated into the current chapter of the game. 3 additional chapters will be released as standalone, episodic game content.

New Update

  • Game size reduced by 3.5 GB (video subtitles)
  • Weapons can be stored in quick inventory
  • Units collect experience and are leveling up
  • Heroes can earn specific skills and enhance their effectiveness in battle
  • Automated looting
  • Item exchange between two units based on their locality
  • Small, non-interactive animals implementation/snake, fish, bugs, scorpions
  • Mission 6 – new playable mission with 1.5 – 2 hours of gameplay
  • Mission 6 – full animated comics
  • Animation updates – upgraded animations with heavy weapons
  • Enhanced Stealth mode with visualization of angle of view for enemies. Game changing feature, drastically enhanced gameplay, better approachable for newcomers, more fun for hardcore players
  • Redesigned enemies alertness information
  • Item exchange between two units based on their locality with the possibility to buy for money
  • New items in looting/exchange
  • Ability to level up heroes and to buy new Skills for experience points
  • New tutorials
  • Player can shop for items or sell them for money in several markets in each mission
  • Existing levels have been visuals improved and updated with new situations and story elements.


  • Mixture of some old school and fresh new mechanics
  • Full real-time battles with a ‘tactical pause’ at your service
  • Utilize your team, equipment and environment to get advantage over your enemies
  • Expect diversity in units, weapons, vehicles, and more
  • Unique enemies and boss encounters
  • Partially destructible environments
  • Eye-catching fauna and flora
  • Custom vision & elevation system
  • Stealth and cover-ups
  • Vehicles & machines

Here’s our initial impressions of the game.

Source: Press Release