GTA Online The Contract Story Update to Feature Dr. Dre and Franklin from GTA V

Experience the life of the rich and solving their problems!

Rockstar Games has announced the newest GTA Online The Contract story update featuring popular artist Dr. Dre and a character from GTA V.

The upcoming update that will be launched next week, December 15, 2021, will be a new adventure for players of GTA Online. This will feature the popular character Franklin from GTA V after the events of the story. He has now started a new business venture called the F. Clinto and Partner. This solves rich people’s problems with their solutions.

Franklin will be looking for a partner and a high-profile client. You can be that partner and the potential client that he is looking for is actually Dr. Dre, a popular rapper in real life. Here comes the side mission that you have to solve with this new update. It turns out that Dr. Dre has lost his phone and it contains a lot of tracks that have been unreleased and if it is in the wrong hands, a lot of problems will ensue.

You and the rest of the gang will have to find and secure that phone before someone else fiddles and discovers what is inside it. Along the way, you can visit the streets of Franklin’s old neighborhood, join parties, check out big mansions, and more.

GTA Online is now available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.