Guardians of the Galaxy – Where to find all Drax outfits

A complete guide on where to find all Drax outfits in Eidos Montreal's Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Super-hero games like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy will always have cool outfits to find and unlock. You can be assured that Drax the Destroyer has his own set of outfits to look for. Some of the outfits are familiar especially if you’ve followed the comic and the film.

By finding all Drax outfits, it’s one of the things you have to complete to get the Fashion Passion trophy on PlayStation.

There are 8 Drax outfits in total, with 7 of them you need to find. As part of our Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy guide, here’s where to find all 7 Drax outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Where to find all Drax outfits in Guardians of the Galaxy

These outfits are well hidden in every chapter in a small interactable crate with a violet screen, and they can be easily missed if you’re not the type who loves to explore. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy does not feature a minimap, and that means you have to use Star-Lord’s visor to spot the outfit crates.

Drax – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Outfit

Just immediately after you get inside Lady Hellbender’s throne room in Chapter 4, you have to head directly through the middle monument where her seat is located. Behind that, you should see a huge door-like circle where you also find a couple of Basic Components for upgrades. Look towards your left and activate Star Lord’s visor to see the crate marked as “yellow”.

Drax – Nova Corp Outfit

The Nova Corps outfit is easy to find. After you head inside the Nova Corp lobby where the terminals are located in Chapter 5, you have to solve the puzzle by giving the door power that leads to the bathroom where Groot is standing in front. You should see the costume crate to your left after you go inside the bathroom.

Drax – Cage Match Outfit

The Cage Match outfit is located just across the elevator platform during the “Rendezvous with the Milano” mission in Chapter 8 after the battle with the Grand Unifier Raker’s goons on floating platforms where you see a huge Faith energy beam and an entire army of mind-controlled individuals.

After you get off the platform lift, immediately head to the left or right to go around the area to find the costume Cage Match Drax costume crate.

Drax – Thanos Imperative Outfit

At the beginning of Chapter 12 in the planet Knowhere, you will encounter a battle first then in the center area, you should see a platform with crates stacked all together beneath it. One of those crates is movable, and you can command Drax to drag it out for you. After it’s out, you can jump onto the crate then jump on top of the platform.

Across that, you should see two huge yellow crates stacked together and on top of that, you can see the costume crate to get the Thanos Imperative outfit for Drax.

Drax – Katathian Monk Outfit

After you’ve explored the burnt village in Chapter 13, there will be a sequence where you and the rest of the Guardians will go deep within the icy slope to slide. After this sequence, you should see a couple of poisonous plants. You should be able to head up the path and destroy them with Star Lord’s Plasma Shot. After getting to the top, you should immediately see the costume crate for Drax’s Katathian Monk outfit.

Drax – Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit

In Chapter 14, after the scene when the great green dragon Fin Fang Fu and Lady Hellbender provide support to Star Lord and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, you will have to fight Raker’s group of mind-controlled enemies. Soon after you’ve followed the main path and got to the next area, some of Lady Hellbender’s goons bomb the place.

Follow through the main path until you see Groot builds a wooden bridge without you giving the command. After crossing the wooden bridge, head to the right and you can immediately see the costume crate on top of a platform. When you get to the next platform, the pathway is blocked by ice. Take it down by using Star Lord’s Plasma Gun and continue on to climb to the top and get that Drax outfit.

Drax – Golden Guardians Outfit

Getting the original Golden Guardians outfit is the easiest compared to the others. You immediately get to unlock the skin after getting into the Hala Hope to stop Grand Unifier Raker and Nikki in Chapter 14.

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