Guerrilla Games is taking a break from Killzone, Lead Concept Artist Confirms

At the Horizon: Zero Dawn Preview Event in Shangri-La Makati, Sirus Gaming was able to sit down with Guerrilla Games’ Lead Concept Artist, Roland IJzermans. I asked if we are to expect another Killzone installment in the future, and IJzermans said:

“No comment on that… the team is not working on another Killzone.”

This confirms that we might not see another sequel of their main franchise soon.

Killzone: Shadow Fall did not exceed expectations as a launch title like Killzone 2. Since Guerrilla Games’ just finished Horizon: Zero Dawn’s development, he said that he can’t also comment if we are to expect a sequel and that we will have to ‘discover that after finishing the game’.

Do you want to have another Killzone title soon? Or should Guerrilla Games focus more on new IPs? Let us know in the comments!

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