Halo Infinite Fractures Tenrai Event – Start Date, Challenges and Rewards

How to get Yoroi Armor in Halo Infinite

It hasn’t been long since the free-to-play Halo Infinite multiplayer launched and it’s already having a lot of events planned in the nearby future. These events are called Fracture Events and they’re going to be a common reccurring event in every new season of Halo Infinite multiplayer.

For the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Season 1 of Fracture Event we get the Japanese-themed Fractures: Tenrai event. Here is all you need to know about it.

Halo Infinite Fracture Tenrai Event

If you’re new to the Halo franchise then you might be unaware as to what “Fractures” mean. They’re basically a way for 343 to implement cosmetics that aren’t lore-friendly or canon to the gameplay. This Fracture Tenrai event will be sporting Japanese-themed cosmetics that you can earn alongside the battle pass.

When Does Fracture Tenrai Start?

Fractures: Tenrai will start this November 23nd to the end of that week on November 30th. You have more than enough time to earn its rewards as both your event pass and battle pass can be worked on at once.

Fractures Event happen for once a week in every three months. So if you do miss the chance to participate in the Fractures: Tenrai event then you can still have your chance this December as long as it is still Season 1.

Yoroi Armor Core Reward

Yoroi Armor

By playing the Fractures: Tenrai Event you can earn the Legendary Yoroi Armor Core, a samurai-themed Spartan armor. It has its own additional cosmetics which you can customize through the Armor Kit.

You don’t need to buy the battle pass to earn this armor core. We suspect that the rewards for this Fractures Event may be tied to your daily activities which you can complete throughout the week.

Don’t worry if you miss the chance to get this legendary armor core, as 343 has removed limited time cosmetics meaning that you can purchase the previous season’s cosmetics.

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