Halo Infinite Player Customization To Be Same Level Seen In Reach

Halo Infinite

Game developer 343 Industries recently revealed a few new details of upcoming video game Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite new details

In the end-of-year recap post of game developer 343 Industries, they revealed some new details of the upcoming game. They confirmed that the game will indeed be playable in 2020 by the general public through Flighting or essentially beta/alpha tests. This will start first with small and limited players before more of them are invited and more content is shared.

There were no details on what the game developers will be testing, or when the first of the tests will begin. What is known is that they will be focusing on the game’s multiplayer feature. They have its own internal pro player team to assist with balance, which is the general approach followed during the development of Halo 5.

For the game features, the game developers revealed that they have already made split-screen working and running. It was confirmed that the game will support LAN. There will be armor customization, which is a massive part of the franchise and will be expanded in Infinite.

343 did hint that fans of Reach will be pleased. The creator mode Forge is also a part of Infinite, and will introduce undo and redo functions for the first time.

The game will launch on holiday 2020 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Official Blog via VG247