Halo Infinite – Single and Multiplayer Details Revealed

halo infinite

Halo Infinite is releasing around the holidays! During E3 2021’s Bethesda Showcase we’ve had the pleasure of seeing some details regarding the upcoming and newest Halo installment. So get ready to get back into the boots of Master Chief, because this Xbox classic is coming back after a long hiatus.

For the single player campaign, it seems that we might not be getting Cortana back…at least not immediately. On the trailer, we see Master Chief floating around in space, maneuvering around dead bodies before being greeted with a new AI who tells him that Cortana has been deleted…by none other than Chief himself who remembers nothing. But it seems that Cortana might not fully be gone as this new AI herself was supposed to be deleted along side her upon deployment.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will also be launching along side the single player campaign. And surprisingly, it’s free to play. It seems to be a stand alone separate from the main game’s campaign, so it might be possible to download each separately should you choose.

The multiplayer goes through lengths to showcase abilities such as the grappling hook, giant hammer, and homing rounds. So expect newer variety of weapons to kill your enemies in what’s to come.

As for now, we only know that Halo Infinite is releasing on a holiday of 2021. But no specific holiday was mentioned. It may be possible for the game to release on Christmas. For more news in Sirus Gaming, stay with us here in Sirus Gaming!