#HeardingCats Photo Challenge – Forza Horizon 5

forza horizon 5 heardingcats

Forza Horizon 5‘s latest #HeardingCats photo challenge requires players to take a picture of a large cat while riding another large cat – not literally. But that’s the idea, sort of; there is a particular lion mural by Farid Rueda within the playable map of Forza Horizon 5 and all you need to do is to locate it and take a picture of it along with your car, specifically a Jaguar.

Where to find the Lion Mural?

To find the Lion Mural in Forza Horizon 5, first, you have to head on to the sandy beaches of Playa Azul. The closest landmark is The Goliath race. From the race, just drive a bit to the north and you should see a green house with the colorful lion mural painted on its wall – it’s hard to miss.

Then, just take a snapshot of your car with the mural in the background. Any Jaguar car will do. Doing this will immediately complete the #HeardingCats photo challenge.

#HeardingCats Photo Challenge Rewards

Upon completing the challenge, you get rewarded with the following:

  • Cat Meow horn sound
  • 50 Accolade Points

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