How to Fix Major Order Not Progressing in Helldivers 2

Learn several workarounds and navigate through the Major Order Progression Bug in Helldivers 2 using this guide.

How to Fix Major Order Not Progressing in Helldivers 2

Major Orders are critical missions in Helldivers 2, offering players bonus objectives and rewards. Players, however, are reporting that they are encountering a significant bug that affects Major Order progression despite meeting all necessary requirements. 

This issue not only affects individual progression but also impedes the collective success of the game’s community. Read on, and this guide will provide key workarounds for the issue and things to keep in mind regarding the Major Order in Helldivers 2.

Major Order Not Progressing Bug Fix

Here are a few workarounds for the Major Order issue in Helldivers 2 that you can try while you progress through the game:

  1. Engage in Co-op Missions – Participating in co-op missions has shown to improve the reliability of progress tracking. Team up with friends or other players to tackle Major Orders together.
  2. Restart your Game – A simple yet effective method for many; restarting Helldivers 2 can help the game properly track and update your completed objectives.
  3. Update Your Game – Regularly check for and install game patches. Developers may release updates to address this and other issues, improving overall gameplay experience.
  4. Complete All Defense Campaigns – Ensure you’ve completed all defense missions related to the Major Order. This action can sometimes prompt the game to recognize your progress.
Major Order Not Progressing Bug Fix

It’s important to understand that Major Orders are designed as community-wide objectives, requiring the collective effort of all players to advance. While individual missions contribute to the collective goal, the completion of Major Orders reflects the success of players worldwide in achieving shared objectives. Feel free to check out our guide explaining how to win Defend Campaigns in Helldivers 2 and what the Major Order is all about.

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