Henry Cavill Builds Own Gaming PC and the Internet Swoons

Henry Cavill

The Witcher, Superman actor, and well-known gamer Henry Cavill has recently posted on his personal social media account his new gaming PC and how he built it from scratch.

It seems like he has a lot of free time since the next season of The Witcher is still ways off with the COVID-19 pandemic going on. To make use of that free time, he did the only thing any gamer would properly do: build their own gaming rig. Check his Instagram post here.

Cavill starts by reading all of the manuals from the PC parts that he purchased just recently it seemed. Unfortunately, he blurred out the names of the brands so no one could possibly “guess” the parts he bought. He is quite the builder though since he thoroughly read all the documents before doing anything rash to his build.

The actor might also have experience in building PCs with how efficient he did it all throughout the video. Mounting the PC processor is the hardest step to watch, but Cavill did it quite efficiently and I am pretty sure everyone from behind the screen let out a big sigh.

Afterwards, Cavill mounted the other components with proper care and made sure to follow instructions with the manuals from time to time. It was quite clear that it took him the whole day to finish the job, but it was all worth it. Unfortunately, he realized that he made a mistake in the end, which was not a big blunder actually. The cooler LCD for the processor was upside-down, which could be hard to read. He did not fix that problem on that day right away because as he said “had gaming to do.”

One the next day, Cavill fixed the issue and turned it back on. Congratulations Cavill for an awesome gaming PC build. Thank you for letting us watch!

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