Hi-Fi Rush Reportedly Performed Better Than Forspoken on Steam

Best of all, Hi-Fi Rush just got released when it got revealed with no marketing at all.

New reports claim that Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush has performed way better than Square Enix’s Forspoken on Steam in its launch week.

Website SteamDB’s Steam Weekly Global Sellers list has recently revealed that Hi-Fi Rush has ranked in the top 8 while Forspoken did not even make it to the top 10. This list reveals the best-selling games on Steam by revenue made.

The interesting difference between these two titles is their marketing campaign. Hi-Fi Rush did not have any of the marketing campaigns as it was announced surprisingly at the recent Xbox Developer_Direct presentation. At the same time, Forspoken was heavily supported by Square Enix with a lot of marketing promos, videos, and more.

Games industry commentator Benji-Sales on Twitter is quite impressed with Hi-Fi rush that it has entered the top 10 compared to other highly-promoted games like Forspoken. He notes that Tango Gameworks’ game is only $30 on Steam while Square Enix’s latest title is $70.

Hi-Fi Rush is the latest title by Tango Gameworks, quite the opposite of the studio’s usual horror games. It is a rhythm action game where timing attacks with the beat will damage enemies more than regular attacks.

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