Hideo Kojima Speaks Out on Abandoned Conspiracies

And now Blue Box Game Studios is silent.

Game Director Hideo Kojima recently spoke about the notorious Abandoned conspiracies that somehow linked to him.

In his recent Spotify podcast called Brain Structure, Kojima discussed the details of his “link” with the Abandoned conspiracies. The recent episode featured his good friend Geoff Keighley and they talked about many gaming rumors, which included this particular episode in the gaming industry.

“Users just kept sending me pictures of this ‘Hasan’,” Kojima said told Keighley (transcribed by VGC). “They still send me collages and deep fake images, like twenty a day, it’s really quite a nuisance. [laughs]”

“When we did that Moby Dick thing, you [Geoff] were in on the whole thing, and that was pretty fun, but people should know that I wouldn’t do the same thing twice,” Kojima revealed in the podcast.

Kojima was talking about the trick that he did with Keighley way back when they were secretly promoting the popular video game sequel/prequel Metal Gear Solid V. Moby Dick was a fake studio that he used to release a mystery trailer for The Phantom Pain. Fans were quick to decode this trailer as they discovered that the logo for the fake game featured cut-outs that would have the words Metal Gear Solid V fit in.

In Abandoned, this was not the case because he Kojima denied the idea of doing the trick again. That was a one-time thing. He also revealed that he has not actually spoken to Hasan ever. He even wants Hasan to release the game already so that people would not misunderstand anymore.