Hogwarts Legacy Developers Finally Clears Microtransaction Worries

No microtransactions at all!

Avalanche Studios finally clears the worries of fans of what they recently saw at Hogwarts Legacy State of Play broadcast.

Many fans that saw the recent State of Play broadcast were amazed of the gameplay that it offered. Open world exploration, magic duels, raising magical beasts, customizations, and so many more. There were a few kinks though and one of those was the one they saw while brewing potions. It seems the potions while brewing will have a timer before it can be completed.

Why fans are concerned about timers? This mechanic is usually seen in mobile games where players will have to wait in real time before they could do a certain mechanic again and it usually takes hours. In order to shorten this, the game company hosting the game usually offers items that can either shorten the time or produce it instantly, but they will have to buy it. They need to spend real money to buy these items. When they saw the timers on brewing potions, they were worried the time will be in real time and they will need to buy the items to make the potions instantly brew with real money as well.

Many fans asked Avalanche Studios to comment and recently, one of their representatives clarified it.

Community Manager Chandler Wood made it clear that there are no microtransactions in the game. He did not clarify on the timers though if they were in real time or they were just in-game time and can be skipped anytime. There is also a day-time cycle, so it is possible it can be skipped by just changing the time in-game.

For now, the fans are satisfied, but there are still lingering worries in the air.

Hogwarts Legacy launches later in 2022. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.