Hogwarts Legacy Endings Explained – How to Get All Endings

Learn about Hogwarts Legacy different endings: good, evil, and true ending.

Hogwarts Legacy Good Evil True Ending cover

Hogwarts Legacy just came out, but some eager players may remember that the game has several endings that could be played through depending on the choices made in the game. The fate of the entire wizarding world rests on the protagonist’s choices on what they would do with the powerful Ancient Magic.

Spoiler Warning: This guide contains spoilers on the events of the game. Read ahead at your own discretion.

How to get all endings in Hogwarts Legacy

In this article, we’ll explore the three different endings available in Hogwarts Legacy. It is highly recommended to prepare separate saved files prior to going into The Final Repository quest if you wish to see all endings for Hogwarts Legacy.

Since your character is known to be one of the few individuals who can wield the ancient magic, the Professor will ask what your intention for the Ancient Magic will be as its new Keeper. After starting The Final Repository quest, make your way through the objectives until you need to head to the repository. Upon reaching the repository underneath the Hogwarts Castle, Professor Fig will ask you questions.

This question and the responses to it will be the same regardless of what type of magic you possess or have used throughout the story of the game. The ending that you will go through from here on will depend on which responses you will choose to answer the questions.

Hogwarts Legacy Good Ending

To get the good ending in Hogwarts Legacy, select the response “I intend to keep it contained here.” when being asked what you intend to do with the magic. Then, select the response “I shall keep it secret forever.” when being asked on how long you’ll keep it a secret. Learning about your decision, Professor Fig pledges to stand by your side and help you in your duty as the Ancient Magic’s Keeper.

Hogwarts Legacy Good Ending

Ranrok will arrive and break the seal keeping the Ancient Magic and uses it for himself. You’ll then proceed to the final boss fight against Ranrok who is now powered up by the Ancient Magic. Once Ranrok has been defeated, the Ancient Magic is set free and it has to be contained once more. Professor Fig joins in to help and you manage to contain the Ancient Magic. However, the strain of the events took a toll on Professor Fig and he passes away, but not before he gets reunited with Miriam’s wand.

The story then continues as Headmaster Black says his eulogy for Professor Fig, and Professor Weasley steps in to give the late professor his honors.

Hogwarts Legacy Evil Ending

Hogwarts Legacy Evil Ending

To get the evil ending in Hogwarts Legacy, select the response “I intend to open it.” when being asked what you intend to do with the magic, then select the response “This power should not be kept from the world.” to the follow-up question. Learning about your decision, Professor Fig becomes unsure about your fate and will not be determined enough to live on and help you contain the Ancient Magic once you defeat Ranrok.

As the Ancient Magic roams free, you decide to wield just a little bit of the magic for now while you contain the rest of it.

The honoring ceremony for Professor Fig will remain the same.

Hogwarts Legacy True Ending

Hogwarts Legacy True Ending

To reach the true ending, you will need to win the House Cup award at the end of the year which requires you to complete The House Cup main quest. You need to complete the Weasley’s Watchful Eye quest, then reach level 34 by completing the side quests of the game. You can then head to the Great Hall to attend the House Cup ceremony which serves as the true ending of the game.

Can I still get the true ending even if I went with the evil ending?

Yes, you can still experience the true ending even if you went for the evil ending. The true ending is accessible to both options.

Can I experience both good and evil endings in Hogwarts Legacy?

Only if you play each ending on separate save files, otherwise you can only pick either one of the endings.

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