How to get Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy

Larger plants require larger pots


Magic and wizardry are everything that one can wish for at Hogwarts. In one of the missions of the game, players will be growing their own plants to use in potions, and later on, they can grow bigger ones with Large Pots. In this guide, players will learn where to get the Large Pot and how to use it, so read on.

How to Get a Large Pot

After completing the Tomes and Tribulations quest and unlocking the Room of Requirements, players will be given a chance to grow plants in small pots. These plants are useful not only in combat but also in increasing one’s stats, health, and more.

However, for those wishing to grow larger plants, they will need a Large Pot and to get one, players will need to follow these steps:

  1. Travel to Hogsmeade
  2. Shop in the Tomes and Scrolls Shop
  3. Purchase a Large Potting Table with a Large Pot for 1000 Galleons

How to Use the Large Pot

Once you have thelarge pot, return to the Room of Requirement and cast the Conjuring spell in order to gain access to the Conjuration Menu. Once done, select Herbology, then choose the pot that was purchased.

Just tweak it the way you like and set it up wherever you want. Exit the menu and pick the seeds you want to grow by interacting with the table. Lastly, after some time has passed, the plants can be harvested.

And that’s our guide on getting a Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy. Feel free to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy-related guides as well.

Also watch this video by Wow Quests showing how to get the Large Pot in Hogwarts Legacy: