Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials: How to Solve Every Trial Type

A comprehensive guide to completing all types of Merlin's Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials - How to Solve every trial type

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials are puzzles that require different spells in order to be solved. These trials are scattered throughout various locations in the wizarding world, and completing them will reward players with additional gear inventory slots, so you won’t have to worry about selling or destroying your stuff as much.

But just like in any other game, there are certain prerequisites you must fulfill. If you’re wondering how to unlock and solve Merlin Trials, here’s what you need to do.

How to Unlock Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials

Players will need to meet two conditions before they can access Merlin Tials:

  • “Trials of Merlin” Quest
  • Mallowsweet Leaves

How to Start the Trials of Merlin Quest?

Shortly after meeting Natsai Onai, also known as Natty, in Lower Hogsfield, head to the tent near the lake to find Nora Treadwell being harassed by two Ashwinder Scouts. The “Trials of Merlin” quest will be active after the dialogue. Defeat the scouts first, and Nora Treadwell will brief you on the basics of placing Mallowsweet on the altar and completing your first Merlin trial.

How to Get Mallowsweet?

Each time a player initiates a Merlin trial, they will need to spend one Mallowsweet Leaf. Your first batch of Mallowsweet Leaves will come courtesy of Nora Treadwell, but if you’re planning on completing more Merlin Trials, you may purchase Mallowsweet Leaves at various Wanderer Shops or purchase Mallowsweet Seeds in The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. You can grow the seeds in Professor Garlick’s herbology lab and in the Room of Requirement.

How to Solve all Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials are represented by a leaf icon on your map, and different spells will be needed to complete each of the various types of trials in the game. Although some trials will be of the same type, the approach will be slightly different, while still following the same pattern.

There are 9 Merlin Trial types discovered so far. Here’s how to solve each one of them:

Trial Type

How to Solve

Destroying Balls on Pillars

You can complete these trials using only your basic cast; however, you should utilize Revelio, as some of the stones, especially those near the ground, may be difficult to spot. A number of stone orbs will be perched atop pillars close to the beginning of the trial; you'll need to utilize your basic attack to destroy them.

Repairing Broken Statues

As the trial begins, several sculptures in the area will suddenly crumble. Using "Revelio," find the broken sculptures, and then "Reparo," to fix them.

Destroying Boulder Stones

Destroy the rocks around the trial area that have green markings by using Confringo. It's possible that Repulso might work as well, but Confringo would be simpler to use if you need to cover a lot of ground. Casting Revelio to make the rocks shine blue makes spotting them much simpler.

Collecting Glowing Butterflies

You can find three crystal-filled hollow stones in the area around the trial. There must be some blue shimmering butterflies close by. Using Lumos, lure the butterflies to your wand, and then guide them to the crystals to ignite them.

Lighting Braziers

In these trials, you'll need to use Incendio or Confringo to quickly ignite three braziers. If you ignite one and then let it descend to the ground, the flame will go out.

Look around for all the braziers around the trial area first. Once done, light the tallest one first so the fire has time to burn. After that, move on to the shorter ones. If possible, put yourself in a spot from which you can easily ignite all of them.

Flipendo Cube Symbols

A number of stone cubes with symbols carved into each side can be found in the area surrounding these trials. All of these cubes need to be flipped using Flipendo so that the symbol on top of them lines up with the one below. This must be done with three stone stacks in the area, and arrows are typically carved into some of the sides to indicate the proper alignment.

Giant Ball into a Bowl

Your goal is to use Accio and/or Depulso to get the Giant Ball into a Bowl. If you roll the ball too far away from the trial area, it will disappear and reappear at the starting point. You can also use the cheating spell Wingardium Leviosa to physically transport it there, albeit this ability is locked until much later in the game.

Jumping across Stone Pillars

These types of trials usually have adjacent stone pillars that have a green glow to them when activated. The goal is to jump across all the stone pillars. Keep in mind that you'll have to redo the trial once you fall. If the stones are spread widely apart, a running jump from one to the next is your best bet.

Moving Small Balls into Sockets

At various points around the trial area, you'll come across circular platforms with holes drilled in the middle. Some balls, which you'll also find nearby, will fit into those holes. To relocate the cluster of five small balls, simply use Acio, Depulso, or Wingardium Leviosa. The trial will be over as soon as all the balls are placed on the platform.

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