Hogwarts Legacy Old Gen Console and Switch Release Dates Revealed

New-gen versions still launch on February.

Avalanche Software has recently revealed the new Hogwarts Legacy old-gen console and Nintendo Switch release dates.

Hogwarts Legacy Old Gen Versions Get Delayed

It has been confirmed in a new post on the official Twitter account of Hogwarts Legacy that the old-gen versions of the game, PS4 and Xbox One, have been delayed. The Nintendo Switch version will be released at a later time as well. The PS4 and Xbox One versions will now launch on April 4, 2023 while the Nintendo Switch version will be on July 25, 2023.

Next-Gen Version Still Launches on Time

Players who have bought the game on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will not have to worry about any delays. These versions will still launch on February 10, 2023 unless Avalanche Software will change their minds again. They can also get 72-hour early access for those who got the Deluxe, Digital Deluxe or Collector’s Editions.

As usual, some fans are expressing their disappointment with the delay. Some even said that the developers have some kind of a grudge against Nintendo since it will get released way further than the rest of the other versions.

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Hogwarts Legacy on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S launches on February 10, 2023. Xbox One and PS4 versions launch on April 4, 2023. Nintendo Switch version launches on July 25, 2023.