Hogwarts Legacy Post-Launch DLC Gets Leaked

New areas to explore, new gear, creatures, and more!

A new leak revealed details of Hogwarts Legacy post-launch DLC coming to the game.

According to the leaker who goes by the name of Twitter user Bigby, the information comes from an insider that shared all of the leaked details on Discord. They claim that the leak features upcoming side quests, scrapped content, and possible post-launch DLC.

The informer reveals that there is a large part of the map that is no longer playable but is still available in the game. They are currently blocked by the Highland and Swamps areas, but if those were removed, they could be accessible. If sales were good, says the informer, these areas could become post-launch DLCs.

Quidditch is also being speculated as an upcoming DLC since it is a very popular fantasy sport that many fans are looking forward to. If WB Games would take advantage of this, they would definitely make the sport as post-launch DLC since in the main story, it has been suspended by the headmaster.

Other post-launch DLCs that are being considered are future new Merlin puzzles, new outfits, items, and many more.

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Hogwarts Legacy launches on February 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.