Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List

Get To Know The Tier Rankings of All Characters Found in Honkai: Star Rail

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Honkai: Star Rail is the newest game of Mihoyo and for the past couple of months, players have anxiously been wanting to try the game. Before trying out the game, players should know all of the Honkai Star Rail Characters first and learn their abilities. Luckily in this guide, players will not only know them but know what tier they belong to, so read on and enjoy.

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List




Bronya, Seele, Luocha & Himeko


Dan Heng, Gepard, Jing Yuan, Kafka, Welt, Silver Wolf, Blade & Sushang


Trailblazer, Natasha, March 7, Herta, Clara & Asta


Serval, Hook, Sampo, Pela & Arlan

Coming Soon

Jing Yuan, Bailu & Qingque

S Tier Characters

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List - S Tier


In tactical combat RPG games, a buffer is required in fighting off tough enemies. With the power of Bronya, she can increase the ATK and CRT DMG of all allies including herself for 2 turns. As she is the only one currently with these skills, many missions that are tough and challenging will require her to be active.


Her fiery attribute and dangerous AoE skills make her a threat to many opponents. Not only that, her passive skill is stackable every time she hits an enemy’s weakness, and once it is unleashed, chances of getting hit by her AOE attack will leave them in a burning state.


In each battle, healers play a major role. Luocha is one of the best healers to have Honak Star Rail currently as he can also do AOE attacks and dispel 1 enemy buff. Thanks to his skill, prevention from dying are possible as well.


Among DPS characters in the game, Seele has one of the best skills as her SPD will increase by 25% and if she manages to defeat 1 enemy, she’ll gain an additional turn and she’ll gain an additional DMG buff too. Not only that, her ultimate skill is one of the biggest damage dealers in the game as the damage number will be at least 6 or 7 digits number.

A Tier Characters

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List - A Tier


Blade is one of the most unexpected characters to have in a team as most his skills are filled with HP depletion penalty. But make no mistake, his AOE Wind attack and passive skills are a major threat to any enemy targetted by him. If players are gonna use him as the center of attacks, best to have healers and buffers that enable him to last longer and make his attacks deadlier than normal.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng is a natural-born debuffer as he slows down enemies and targets enemies using his wind element and assassination skills, he is sure to kill one enemy target with strong enough buffs. Not only that, his passive skill increases his own attack by increasing its DMG and CRT stats as well.


Gepard is an upright and noble captain of the Silvermane Guards who bears the name of the age-old Gepard family. His Ice attacks leave enemies incapacitated. If his health is at 50% or lower, reduces the chance of Seele being attacked by enemies. Having him on your team will be a lifesaver as he ensures that all members they have strong defensive stances against incoming attacks.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan’s skill deals lightning damage to all enemies and his ultimate skill is, even more, deadlier as there is a strong chance they will be left stunned for short time. What makes Jing Yuan different from other AoE DPS is his passive in which his attack will greatly increase and is also stackable.


Kafka is DOTer character that can deliver a shock debuff in which enemies hit with lightning attacks will receive extra damage. One of the many traits that make her under the A-Tier list is that every time your ally attacks the enemies who got a shock debuff, Kafka will also do a follow-up attack afterward. Her effectiveness is what truly makes her a dominant and hidden gem among one’s rank

Silver Wolf

Most of the characters in Honkai Star Rail have strong DPS skills, but some of these characters have hidden skills that players will never imagine. One of the characters that best describes this trait is Silver. Like Kafka, she can do follow-up attacks but what makes her deadlier is the fact she can deliver DoT to all enemies from her ultimate. Plus her debuff combinations make the perfect setup to immobilize the stats of enemies as well.


Rapid attacks are what Sushang is known for as her base of attacks is based on her RNG. What makes Sushang useful is that her ultimate will deal high physical damage to a single target and will give her another chance to take action once more plus she will get an attack buff that increases both her DMG and CRt stats as well.


Despite his Imaginary Element, Welt is your slow debuffer. His skills can deal attacks to a random target with a 2/3 chance of slowing them. What makes Welt a good choice is that enemies who are debuffed by him will have their actions delayed by 41% and their SPD and Accuracy by 15%. Because of that, he deserves to be placed on the A -tier Rank.

B-Tier Characters

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List - B Tier


Though she excels in using Fire elements, she needs constant help in buffing her attack as her stats are a bit low from normal. Her ultimate skill will buff all her allies’ SPD by 45 for 2 turns. This buff is relatively good, but Asta’s stack relies on RNG but it is highly suggestive that you do not use her as the main buffer of your team.


Clara is a good choice to have she acts like canon fodder for the team. Her ultimate ability provokes enemies and gives them a higher chance to attack Clara instead of her allies. With a proper build using damage reduction Clara can unleash a wave of attacks that are deadly. Sadly, she is placed in the B-tier rank as a lot of work is needed to ensure that her survivability rate is higher than normal.


Natasha is a good healer but her healing skills are lacking as it mostly heals party HP by 10 to 20% only. Most of the time, her healing skill only targets one ally at a time and only when using her ultimate skill can she heal all allies. Her offense stats are a bit lacking and need improvements in certain parts as well.


Herta can deal an AoE ice attack to all enemies. but unfortunately, damage from her skills only deals with 25% of Herta’s attacks. Her AOE attack doesn’t have any significant skill thus she is placed among the character listed as B-tier rank.

March 7th

March 7th is a good shielder to have as she creates a barrier to an ally and her ultimate skill deals AoE ice attack to the enemies. However, using her is a double edge as she could have a drawback to her team. Because of her skill, she would be placed on the B-Tier list.


Trailblazer is considered to be one of the hardest characters to use as players can choose what element they should use. This character is a great all-rounder attacker for his/ her skill varies depending on what elements he/ she uses. Though she is great, there are a lot of better DPS characters than Trailbazler in Honkai Trail Blazer

C-Tier Characters

Honkai Star Rail Character Tier List - C Tier


Arlan is a single-target lightning DPS character that sacrifices his HP to deal higher damage. The drawback of his skill is that the more HP reduced for the cost of his skill, the lower the stats will Arlan have. What’s more, the current gears to support Arlan aren’t enough to sustain Arlan drawback thus making him under the C-Tier.


Hook is a good fire DOT character and her skill leaves a 100% chance to burn a single enemy. Her ultimate skill will deal big fire damage to a single enemy, and enhance Hook’s skill. However, the damage dealt by her burn skill isn’t as great as the other DOT character thus making Hook part of the C-tier.


Pela’s role shines upon giving debuff to the enemies but unfortunately, her attacks aren’t worthy enough to be part of the team as her damage outcome is very low and there are so many factors that hinder her ability. Since there are a lot of things that need improvements, Pela is listed under the C-tier.


Sampo is a good Wind user as he can deal large attacks to all enemies and increase the DoT damage by 20% for 2 turns. With his passive skill that has 65% to deliver wind shear from his attack, this DoT could stack up to five times. Sadly, the damage outcome from his DoT attacks is relatively low.


Serval builds most rely on shocking and stunning enemies. Though it is a great strategy to use, her only drawback is that her ultimate skill will deal AoE lightning damage to all enemies, but it will not have the chance to apply shock DoT to them. Because of that, Serval is labeled under the C-tier.

And that’s our Honkai Star Rail Character Tier list guide. Hope you guys enjoy this guide and if you enjoyed this, check out our other Honkai Star Rail-related articles.