Horizon Franchise to Continue ‘For a Very Long While’

Horizon is here to stay.

PlayStation exclusive Horizon series is planned to continue ‘for a very long while’.

Guerilla Games has made it clear that it is going to make more Horizon titles in the near and far future. It was revealed by Games Radar that Studio Director Jan Bart van Beek that Guerilla Games has 16 plans for future developments.

“We’re going to be continuing it for a very long while,” he said. “As people probably already know, we’re also going to be working on a multiplayer game,” something that’s “a massive shift for the studio, almost on the same level as doing the first Horizon”.

“Building this all out to a multiplayer experience is a whole new challenge for the studio,” Van Beek said.

Last year, Guerilla Games confirmed the long-rumored multiplayer game. It was revealed via a job listing that will feature a brand new cast of characters and a new art style.

It was also revealed that a sequel to Horizon: Forbidden West is in development. This will join the first two games together with the PS VR2 spin-off Horizon: Call of the Mountain.