Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – All Pangea Figurine Locations

Where to find all five Pangea Figurines in Burning Shores?

Pangea Figurines Locations Horizon Burning Shores featured

In Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, Aloy’s curiosity of the old world is still alive as she looks for the five Pangea Figurine locations that have survived to this day. If you’re up for it, you can collect all five limited-edition figurines so Aloy can get a small piece of humanity’s history.

Read on as we show you how to find all five of the Pangea Figurine locations in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

Pangea Figurine Locations

Pangea Figurines can usually be found in Fandom Zone Shops around the map. Here’s where you can find each location:

  • Dimorphodon: Northwest of Fleet’s End
  • Green Raptor: East of Fleet’s End
  • Red Raptor: East edge of the map
  • Reggie the Pterodactyl: Entrance of Pangea Park
  • Queen Rex: West of Fleet’s End
Dimorphodon Pangea Figurine Locations


You can find Dimorphodon on an island northwest of Fleet’s End. You’ll find a Fandom Zone Shop that has a lock on its front door. Scan the Datapoint that’s inside the building itself to get an idea of how to get in.

From there you’ll have to go up the stone tower nearby that isn’t filled with holograms. You’ll see a number carved on the floor once you reach the roof. Remember that number cause you’ll have to use it to unlock the shop entrance. If not, you can just enter 111464 then head inside and collect the Dimorphodon Pangea figurine.

Green Raptor Pangea Figurine Locations

Green Raptor

You can find the Green Raptor figurine directly east of Fleet’s End. You’ll come across another Fandom Zone Shop except this time the front door is open without a lock. Unfortunately, the figurine isn’t there because reading the Datapoint reveals that it’s stolen.

Use the compass and head northeast from that location. You’ll find a hole that will lead you to an underground parking garage. There are Stalkers patrolling this area. Once you’re past them, get down to the lowest level and you’ll find a car whose trunk you can open. The Green Raptor Pangea figurine is hidden here.

There are other items you can stick around to collect. Like some Brimshine hidden behind a breakable wall you can pull down with your Pullcaster.

Red Raptor Pangea Figurine Locations

Red Raptor

The Red Raptor can be found on the easter edge of the map right next to where the lava is boiling. Just look for the mansion on top of the hill overlooking the whole place and use your flying mount to rip open the hatch on the rooftop and drop down below. The Red Raptor Pangea figurine is right on the desk.

Reggie The Pterodactyl Pangea Figurine Locations

Reggie The Pterodactyl

Reggie The Pterodactyl can be found in a Fandom Zone gift shop left side of the entrance to the Dinosaur park. You’ll have to go to the back of the building and pull down the vent to get inside. Once you’re in the building, you can get Reggie The Pterodactyl Pangea figurine that’s just in front of the counter. There’s some loot you can gather in this building if you’re willing to explore.

Queen Rex Pangea Figurine Locations

Queen Rex

Queen Rex can be found exactly west of Fleet’s End. There’s a Fandom Zone shop that you can find between the town and the stormy island. When you get to this location, there’s a lot of things you can scan nearby that will lead you to the Pangea Figurine location. First scan the Fanghorn and then the soil nearby.

Next use Pullcaster on the two metal legs of the Shell-Walker to clear the rubble. Scan the Shell-Walker Crate and then follow the footprints which leads you to a beach populated by Widemaws guarding a Shell-Walker convoy. You can choose to ignore them and head straight for the Shell-Walker Crate in the center to grab the Queen Rex Pangea figurine.

What can you use the Pangea Figurines for?

The Pangea Figurines can be used to get the Pangea Forever face paint for Aloy. Once you have all five figurines, go back to the Pangea Park and interact with the terminals near the Jane statue. This will start the Dino Digits Quiz. You’ll be asked to input in codes that only you would know if you’ve read the description of each of the figurines you’ve collected.

Dino Digit Quiz

Each terminal has a different question which corresponds to the digits you should put in. Here are the codes you can input for each question in the Dino Digits Quiz:

  • During the Portal Pandemonium, how many portals were torn open? 378
  • In the first Pangea, Jane’s ID can be seen on her first day at PortTech. What is her ID number? 4331
  • How many pre-recorded messages came with the Limited Edition Talk-To-Me Reggie? 785
  • How many raptors does Trevor claim he escaped from in the Siege of Pangea? 1051
  • What was the Portal Code to reach Pangea in the original Pangea holo? 6837

That’s where to find all the Pangea Figurine locations in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available exclusively on PS4 & PS5.