Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Delver Trinket & Treasure Trove Locations

Discover all Delver Trinket locations in Horizon Forbidden West's Burning Shores with our guide. Find all 7 to unlock a hidden treasure trove.

Horizon Burning Shores Delver Trinket locations featured

Delver Trinkets are interesting collectibles unique to the Burning Shores that Aloy can collect in Horizon Forbidden West. These are items that are scattered throughout the isles, so they can be pretty hard to find, but don’t fret. This guide will show you where to find all the Delver Trinket Locations in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

There are a total of 7 Delver Trinkets located across Burning Shores. Each one holds a story fragment, and collecting all of them will reveal a Datapoint that leads to a treasure trove.

Delver Trinket #1 – Cherished Flask Location

On the east side of the map, there is a campsite with a cave underneath. Head to the location displayed on the map above, and you’ll see that there is an opening below if you dive down into the waters. Glide down towards the cavern entrance and swim until you’re able to reach a small camp inside where you can walk.

Look to your upper left, and you’ll see a patch of firegleam on the ceiling facing the entranceway. Shoot it down to make a path for Aloy, then look right to see a crate floating on the water. Use the pullcaster to guide it along the water until it can be used as a platform to reach the wooden surface above, as shown in the image above.

From there, you’ll have to climb until you reach the end, where you’ll find the Delver Trinket and Cherished Flask. Compared to the others, this one has a fun little puzzle you can solve.

Delver Trinket #2 – Old Pot Location

The Old Pot can be found at the northeastern edge of the map in a campsite that’s near a large Slitherfang. Aloy will comment that the Oseram must’ve passed through, as she recognizes the equipment when you walk near the camp. Thankfully, you don’t need to fight the Slitherfang to get this Delver Trinket. Just grab the old pot and go.

Delver Trinket #3 – Music Box Location

There is an old mine you can find using the image above, where you’ll get the music box. However, before you can get to it, a scorcher will exit the cave, and you may have to fight it before you can get inside. Unless you manage to sneak past, in which case you can avoid fighting it entirely. If you do fight it, beware that Clamberjaws may join the fight.

The Music Box Delver Trinket can be grabbed near a barrel with a white cloth bolstered against the wall.

Delver Trinket #4 – Delver’s Cap Location

The Delver’s Cap trinket can be found in the old ruins of a building with a zipline leading towards it. You can use your new flying mount to immediately reach it and then glide down below. You’ll notice that there’s a Blaze container on the upper level above them. Shoot it with a flame weapon, and it will explode, creating a hole you can use to get to the upper level. This is where you’ll find the Delver’s Cap on a table next to a lamp.

Delver Trinket #5 – Lucky Porker Location

The Lucky Porker can be found on a blocked subway south of Fleet’s End. You can find it by going to the location on the map in the image above. You’ll have to look for higher ground and then use a pullcaster on the floor with a metal X to break it open. Descend down below and then pick up the Lucky Porker.

Delver Trinket #6 – Hef The Hammer Location

Hef The Hammer can be found southwest of the Burning Shores inside a cave on the edge of a cliff. You can push the ladder on the side of the cliff and descend down on it to reach the area. Inside the cave, you can pick up the hammer on the ground next to some barrels.

Delver Trinket #7 – Mighty Pint Location

In the map location in the image above, you’ll find the Mighty Pint trinket in the same area where you fight an Apex Stormbird. This small island off the western coast has a building that can only be accessed after defeating the stormbird in the clouds above. Head inside and grab the Mighty Pint Delver trinket.

Burning Shores Treasure Trove Location

After gathering all of the Delver Trinkets, you’ll get a new datapoint you can read in your inventory that tells you the location of the treasure trove through a riddle. You can solve the riddle yourself or head over to the location marked in the image below. It’s on the eastern side of the map, just above a campfire on the shore.

Burning Shores Treasure Trove Location - Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Interact with the ground, and Aloy will dig up a superior supply cache that can be pried open. It’s a nice haul of brimshine, among other things. This will also give you the Recovered the Delver’s Trove trophy.

Those are all the Delver Trinket locations for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores. We hope this guide was useful.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available exclusively on PS4 & PS5.