Horizon Forbidden West New Machines More Dangerous Than Horizon Zero Dawn’s Machines

Deadlier, smarter, and have new abilities.

Guerilla Games Principal Machine Designer Blake Politeski and Asset Art Lead Maxim Fleury explain how Horizon Forbidden West new machines are much more dangerous compared to the ones at Horizon Zero Dawn in a recent blog post.

Blake revealed that they are now expanding the machine catalog further in Horizon Forbidden West with new machines with new, interesting abilities that makes them smarter and deadlier than ever. One of the examples are the Sunwings, which is a bigger flying machine than HZD’s Glinthhawk. It has the ability to collect energy from the sun, which is actually its weakness. It will be vulnerable while collecting such energy, but will be super vigilant when not doing anything.

Horizon Forbidden West

“Unique behaviors like these become the basis and are then expanded on when we define the machines’ roles in the world,” shared Blake. “We always want to make sure the machines are connected, and that they serve a greater purpose; so the whole machine (eco-)system is in harmony – just like in the real world.”

Maxim revealed that these new machines have different abilities, but they also have various ways of defeating them. Players can see the weaknesses via Aloy with her gadget. It can see through the machine’s designs and with it, their weaknesses. Players will need to study them carefully in order to find those vulnerable spots.

Blake hinted some methods of defeating these new machines. He revealed that some of them might be digging through the surface and that could blow up dust. Aloy can use that cover to go behind the machine and either control or neutralize it.

The designer did warn the fans that the machines at HFW are very mobile, which meant they can jump, swim, and cling to surfaces. Aloy will then have to adapt to their abilities and get ahead of them in order to survive.

The machines will have different behaviors that the players can notice and notice that as audio cues for them. These new machines will have a specific sound when idle while there will be another sound for alerting others or starting the offensive. With the PS5, this will become even more precise with the 3D Audio feature.

Maxim then detailed the Tremortusk, which is based from a mammoth and inspired from historic and cinematic examples of the great war elephants. Its body is covered in different guns and has many types of attacks. It has different elemental weapons to use during battle. In the trailer, they were controlled by the rebel faction of the Tenakth, but there are also some in the wilds, wandering around.

Both Maxim and Blake have warned that the Tremortusk is the most challenging machine to fight in the game. They want everyone to be prepared before taking on one.  They advise hunters to use traps and the Pullcaster. They also need to avoid it when it tramples around. Also, they need to careful of its flamethrower trunk.

Aside from that, Blake shared a little hint. There are machines that can actually help Aloy along the way even though she has not overridden them. If these machines are looking for resources that the players are currently looking for, they can just observe that machine and follow them around until they lead them to hidden stashes.

Horizon Forbidden West launches February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.