Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy Rumored Currently In Development

Horizon Zero Dawn

Rumor has it that game developer Guerilla Studios is actually working on something big, and that is supposed to be Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy.

Horizon Zero Dawn Trilogy in the works?

VGC recently revealed this report talking about that a big trilogy of Guerilla Studios’ monster hit is now starting production. It is said that it will now be a full trilogy and will be a massive undertaking. The reports even say that there are scripts already written with multiple parts planned for future sequels and were already approved by game company Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Since the next title of the supposed-to-be franchise is going to be a massive trilogy, the reports say that it will be a PlayStation 5 title. It will have a larger game world, more freedom to explore, and more content to enjoy. They even planned co-op gameplay for the next sequel.

Guerilla Studios and Sony have not officially confirmed any of these reports. Take these information with a grain of salt.

Source: VGC