Housemarque’s Recent Acquisition Means More Ambitious Games


Housemarque Co-Founder and Managing Director Ilari Kuittinen shared the reason for their studio to join the PlayStation Studios family this time.

The Housemarque co-founder was asked in an interview about the reason for joining PlayStation Studios. He revealed that they joined PS Studios for the sole reason of collaborating with various studio teams and to do something more ambitious that before.

By joining PS Studios, the projects that Housemarque could do would be more ambitious than ever and it would be bigger compared to their latest titles. They also wanted to be closer to those other studios that they could help each other in making those big future titles they are planning.

“I think Sony is the partner that’s best positioned to help develop even further,” Ilari said. “Let’s face it, these are some of the best game developers in the world. So we’re really proud to be part of that group and hope to collaborate and learn from them.”

Housemarque is definitely planning another title already and with them under PlayStation Studios, that upcoming game might just blow our minds when it gets announced.

Interview source: GQ Magazine